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3. Our Aims

To monitor and maintain the quality of services provided

We will continue to monitor all aspects of our service and accommodation provisions, consult with our service users, tenants, partners and stakeholders about the way we do things, so that in partnership with them we can shape services that are service user focused and maintain high levels of satisfaction.

By understanding the needs of our service users, we aim to continue to improve the quality of our services to meet their realistic expectations.

To be an efficient and effective organisation

Another key objective is to deliver accommodation and services that are value for money. A comprehensive programme of evaluation processes is planned over the next three years that will appraise the cost and quality of every aspect of our services.

The aim is to maximise efficiency and generate additional funds that can be reinvested to improve services and provide new homes and opportunities.

To develop successful partnerships

Effective work with our key partners, stakeholders, our regulators, local authorities and other housing providers, will help us meet the housing needs and address local issues in the areas where our services are provided.

With regards to services we contract out, they will be continually monitored to ensure that our partners are committed to maintain high standards and who will enhance the quality of the overall provision.

To expand the number of high quality homes and services available

We will constantly seek opportunities to grow through tendering and investigating viable projects, appraising management agreements and potential stock transfers from Local Authorities, housing providers and other landlords.

We aim to establish and implement a property and services “pipeline” so that the organisation has scope to plan for the future and react to new and changing requirements.

Where possible, we will seek to achieve our aims by developing and strengthening key relationships, communicating and working in partnership with other groups, teams, and organisations, sharing and using combined experience and expertise to help us develop services and take advantage of all available resources to achieve our goals.

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