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Our People

Anthony Kendall, Chairman

Anthony Kendall is the Director of Social Action Radio Ltd (SAR). SAR’s main area of work is co-ordinating social information campaigns on commercial radio. It also advises small and community radio stations on licence applications and development plans.

Anthony has extensive experience of the voluntary and community sector. He has been involved in housing for over 30 years with local authority and housing association experiencing including being the Chair of the Newlon Housing Trust for more than 12 years, and being a board member of other smaller RSLs.

Anthony was on the board of the London Youth Games (LYG) for 28 years with 12 years as Chair. In 2015 he was awarded the OBE for his work with LYG. Anthony was a member of many funding organisations, including Comic Relief. He was the founding Chair of Sport Relief and a member of Capital Radio’s Help a Capital Child; and Robbie William’s Give it Some charity. He is also Chair of the Swimathon Foundation and the Luol Deng Foundation.

A keen sportsman, Anthony loves his football (as a spectator), plays tennis at twice a week and runs at least once a week, as well as swimming.

Ben Power

Ben Power has a background in Property Management for over 10 years and has managed over 200 properties at one time. His day to day tasks involved; rent collection, delegating maintenance works and overseeing through to completion as well as maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

In his own time Ben has been working with his local communities. Ben originally started volunteering at a local youth club teaching sports to local kids in his hometown in Suffolk. He has continued working with children and teenagers managing football teams and helping out setting up fundraising events.

Davidson Delsol

Davidson has now been involved in the construction industry for over 30 years where he has progressed to senior management level within his profession. He has experience working within the private sector and is currently working in the public sector.

He is a valuable addition to the board bringing Health and Safety compliance along with an understanding of building regulation to the associations desire for growth.

Lee Smith

Lee Smith has over 25 years’ experience advising both Private and Public sector client in areas of valuation, development, construction and cost analysis.

In his spare time Lee is actively involved in youth sports whereby he sits on a committee responsible for raising funds and the development of under 12’s.

Patrick Berry

Patrick Berry was the previous co-founder of the very successful and well known radio station Choice FM which had a high level of community involvement and was sold to Capital Radio back in 2013.

He holds a degree from the University of Middlesex and founded a Black arts magazine called Root back in the 70’s. He was a board member for the former Training and Enterprise Councils (TEC’s) and also sat on the board of Business Link for London where he was responsible for championing the issues of concern to Black Minorities an Ethnic business.

Skill set: Human resources, Communication, Team working, Community involvement

David Oakensen

David is a Chartered accountant by trade being FCA registered since 1974, with a proven track record in the field. He has extensive board level experience and a long history of serving on numerous committees, sub committees and boards of various organisations ranging from the NHS mental care trust, National council for Housing & Planning to being chair of Selwood housing from 1999 to 2004 where he gained valuable insight into the sector, with his most recent appointment of the Blue House, a charitable Almsmhouse.

David has wide-ranging experience of working with all levels of stakeholders and executive teams as well as local Authority partners and has a comprehensive understanding of the thinking which goes into each role.

He is particularly proud of his ethical attitude and experience having managed several complex relationships and believes that his diplomatic approach was key to successfully negotiating these situations.

Skill set: Finance, Legal, Housing

John Nicholas

John Nicholas is a highly motivated individual with close to 35 years of experience as a solicitor, over the years he has dealt with numerous property transactions, specialising in business acquisitions and funding for Housing Associations.

He has been a partner at two Legal firms including one where he was sole practitioner, john has also completed formal legal training.

Given his commitment and expansive experience in the sector, John brings valuable comprehension and additional credibility to our existing board.

Skill set: Legal, Housing

Alison Rodrigues

Alison is a post graduate from the University of Cambridge, where she recently received a certificate in Education assessments and examinations.

Alison currently sits as a trustee of the Cambridge assessment charities committee which support MIND, Red Balloon Learner centres and Myton Hospice to name a few. Through these charities, Alison has gained invaluable knowledge and context within the housing sector especially through her involvement with Jimmy’s Night Shelter

Alison has a long history of dealing with Stakeholders of all types which include Funding organisations, the Regulator of Education and several construction agencies. She has gained valuable knowledge of current policy and legislation and is a very procedural and diligent individual with extensive experience on policy writing dealing with subjects of Standards, quality and compliance and governance.

Skill set: Governance, Compliance

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